Conducting Writing Workshops

Conducting Writing Workshops. The other “Dartmouth” has loads of online resources to support the writing classroom. On this page, they offer guiding principles and practical strategies for conducting writing workshops. Their argument:

Talking about student writing in class signals to your students that their writing is important. Treating student writing as one of the many course texts lets them know that they have, indeed, entered into the ongoing conversation of scholarship.

Practical strategies include:

  • Ensure the process is student driven
  • Engage students first in a discussion of what’s good about the paper
  • Be sure to give students suggestions for how to improve their papers

They also note that you can workshop parts of papers (thesis sentences, introductions, body paragraphs, or conclusions) and suggest that “working with smaller parts allows you to discuss the work of several different students, and to address several different kinds of writing problems.”

What workshop methods have you found successful? What new strategies do you want to try?

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