The 4 Properties of Powerful Teachers

Read this article to think about the qualities of the teachers that we remember.

I’m not just talking about adequate, effective, or even good teachers. I’m talking about the ones who most move us, who have made the most difference in our lives, and whom we most wish to emulate. Perhaps we can’t all be that kind of teacher, but I suspect many of us at least aspire to be.

So what makes those teachers so great?

The 4 Properties of Powerful Teachers – Advice – The Chronicle of Higher Education.


6 Scaffolding Strategies to Use With Your Students | Edutopia

Scaffolding means breaking up or down the learning process into chunks.  For example, when scaffolding a reading assignment, you might open the text to discuss key vocabulary and then apply it to an example. Check out this article for 6 strategies you might use with your students: 6 Scaffolding Strategies to Use With Your Students | Edutopia.

Prezi – Blog – TED Talks Are Wildly Addictive for 5 Scientific Reasons

Carmine Gallo is a popular keynote speaker, communication coach, and author of seven books including international bestsellers, The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs and Talk Like TED: The 9 Public-Speaking Secrets of the World’s Top Minds. He works with executives leading the brands that touch your life everyday, helping them to tell their stories more successfully.

He says, “In the last ten years researchers studying brain scans have learned more about the science of persuasion than we’ve ever known in all of civilization. That means we know what moves people, and we can prove it scientifically. After analyzing more than 500 TED presentations adding up to over 150 hours of talks and speaking directly to successful TED presenters and leading neuroscientists, I’ve discovered that the most popular TED presentations share five common elements that are all based on the science of persuasion. Best of all, you can use these five scientific principles to create more awe-inspiring presentations.”

Check out the 5 principles here: Prezi – Blog – TED Talks Are Wildly Addictive for 5 Scientific Reasons.