ENL 266

Welcome.  Technical Communication introduces students to the critical thinking and writing skills needed in the technical professions. Students learn how to create reader-based documents that meet the needs of their audience, purpose, and context. Through assigned readings, homework, and in-class exercises, students learn how the content, organization, writing style, mechanics, and design of a technical document must be adapted to meet the needs of its audience and to achieve its purpose.

In addition to weekly written homework, this class has 4 units:

Class time includes short lectures, small group and large class discussions, short student presentations, analysis of documents, and writing exercises that ask students to critically think about and apply key concepts. Collaborative learning strategies are encouraged with students working together in class and on one major assignment. Throughout the term, students learn and apply writing skills used by technical professionals to create reader-based documents and presentations that have a developed sense of content, organization, writing style, mechanics, and information design.

Download  |  University Studies Approved Course Syllabus  [Master_syllabus_ENL266_for_TAs_2015]

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