U2: Descriptions

Download  |  Technical Description Assignment (2015)

Download  |  Rubric for technical description assignment

Unit Overview  |  In Unit 2, students learn methods for describing and defining technical objects, processes, and ideas. In this unit, students identify and analyze a variety of technical descriptions/definitions. Students then create a technical description/definition for two specified audiences. They can revise an existing technical description for two new audiences and purposes or describe a new process, product, or idea. In their justification memo, students assess their work in relation to existing information about the product or process and compare and contrast how they met the needs of their audiences in terms of its content, organization, style, and design.

Assigned chapter readings

  • Chapter 6: Technical descriptions and specifications
  • Chapter 13: Persuading others
  • Chapter 18: Creating and using graphics
  • Chapter 19: Revising and editing for usability

Major Assignment  |  For this assignment, students submit the following:

  • Technical descriptions for two different audiences
  • Justification memo (2-pages, single-spaced)

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