U4: Evaluation Arguments

Unit 4:  Evaluation Arguments

This final unit of the course brings together all of the concepts learned during the semester. Students learn how to characterize and develop an evaluative argument, formulating criteria, making claims, and presenting evidence. For this unit, students evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a text assigned by the instructor (for instance, an essay about a current issue), identifying the criteria for evaluation, using the criteria to evaluate a text, and then writing an evaluative argument that assesses the strengths and weaknesses of the text, particularly in relation to its claims, reasons, and warrants.

Assigned reading:

  • Chapter 10: Evaluations
  • Handbook: Word Choice

Major Assignment: Write an evaluative argument, assessing the strengths and weakness of a specific text in relation to its claims, reasons, and warrants. Your evaluation should make and support an evaluative claim with appropriate and compelling evidence, be organized for your readers, and demonstrate command of sentences, paragraphs, and the document as a whole. To support your claims, you must incorporate quotes from Everything’s an Argument and from the text you are evaluating. Length: 4 pages.


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