Major Assignments

  • Major Written 1: Rhetorical Analysis of an IMRaD Article (50 points): The basic science article is a research report, in which scientists report about primary research they have performed, in order to share and interpret their results with other scientists in the field. It is through research reports that scientific knowledge advances – one research project builds on many others that came before it and will (hopefully) provide a basis for future research. (5-7 pages per draft)
  • Major Written 2: Review Article (100 points): You will write a review article about three scholarly journal articles. The review article will take the place of a final exam – it will be a “test” of what you’ve learned this semester. (6-8 pages per draft)
  • Major Oral 1: Scientific Argument (50 points): Groups will each present an argument based solely on scientifically researched facts using PowerPoint for a public audience.
  • Major Oral 2: Poster Presentation (50 points): Individuals will create and present a poster for a scientific audience. The presentation will be visual and oral

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