Minor Assignments

The following represents the kinds of assignments instructors may assign.

  • Science Writing Terms
    • Terms Quiz A (10 points): On the first day of class, you will take an ungraded quiz on science writing terms. You will receive 10 points simply for taking the quiz.
    • Terms Quiz B (30 points): On the last day of class, you will retake the quiz for a grade.
  • MW1 and MW2 Workshops:* Two live workshop sessions at 10 points each paper (if you attend prepared with a printed copy of both papers being workshopped and participate during discussion of both papers); two online workshop sequences at 30 points each. Total all workshops = 100 points.
  • MW1 and MW2 Peer Reviews:** Two peer reviews at 20 points each for 40 points total.
  • Written Homework (20 points each for 4 assignments = 80 points). Written homework assignments must be brought to class on the due date. (2-3 pages per assignment)
  • In-class group participation: (100 points): Activities, informal workshops, spontaneous group presentations, and group feedback. You must be in class on the day we perform the activity to earn the credit. Group work occurs at random and is not scheduled. It cannot be made up.
  • Reflection (30 points). At the end of the semester, you will reflect on what you have learned this semester. (3 pages)

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