ENL 265 Syllabus

Course Overview. Business communication is the study of effective written, oral, visual, and electronic communication in the workplace. This course focuses on workplace genres, contexts, and audiences, emphasizing strategies and techniques for working within those genres to meet the needs of everyone involved. The purpose of this class is to analyze and apply the strategies and techniques that writers use in the business world.

Course-Specific Learning Outcomes. After taking this class, you will be able to do the following:

  • Identify and summarize key concepts in business communication
  • Analyze the purpose and features of various genres of business information
  • Develop documents and presentations based on audience analysis, genre conventions, and information design principles
  • Synthesize information gathered from multiple sources into business writing and presentations
  • Demonstrate command of vocabulary and facility with conventions of standard written English (grammar, usage, and mechanics) and use an appropriate tone and style to establish the desired relationship and motivate the desired outcome


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