U1: Job Packet

Purpose |  In this unit, students are introduced to the strategies that writers use to write clearly and efficiently. To do so, students read pages from the Purdue OWL website, complete homework and quizzes to practice the concepts, and then use those concepts to develop a job packet that they can use to apply for a job or an internship. In addition, students consider why and how to tailor resumes and cover letters for a job. Our goal, odd as it may seem, is not to create the “perfect,” one-size-fits-all resume. Rather the goal is to develop resumes and cover letters that respond to an employer’s needs. This unit has many purposes, including:

  • To introduce the writing process, including research, writing, review, and revision
  • To introduce rhetorical awareness
  • To introduce user-centered design
  • To develop documents based on an awareness of the situation and user-centered design principles

Outcomes |  After completing this unit, you will be able to:

  • To develop documents based on research and analysis of your audience, purpose, context, and medium
  • To organize appropriate claims and supporting evidence
  • To make content easily accessible, using genre conventions as well as headings, lists and other devices
  • To compare and contrast your decisions about the content, organization, style, and design of each document

Download: [pdf-embedder url=”http://advancedwriting.blogs.umassd.edu/files/2013/07/ENL_265_U1_2017.pdf”]

Download Rubric: [pdf-embedder url=”http://advancedwriting.blogs.umassd.edu/files/2013/07/ENL_265_U1_Rubric.pdf”]

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