U1: Job Packet

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Unit overview  |  In this unit, students learn about analyzing a situation to understand their audience’s needs and their purpose for writing. To do so, students create a job packet, including a resume, two cover letters, and a cover memo that explains the decisions they made. This unit has many purposes, including:

  • To analyze audience and purpose
  • To create documents that meet the needs of an audience
  • To organize and chunk information for readers
  • To begin to use headings and other devices to make content easily accessible


  • Cover memo
  • Resume
  • 2 cover letters

Chapter readings | In this unit, students read the following chapters. Instructors assign written homework for each chapter.

  • Chapter 1: Assessing Audience, Purpose, and Medium
  • Chapter 16: Finding the Right Job
  • Chapter 2: Organizing Your Information
  • Chapter 3: Writing the Draft (p. 70–79)
  • Chapter 4: Revising the Draft (p. 98–104, 108–111)
  • Chapter 7:  Designing Effective Documents and Visuals (p. 218–229)

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