U2: Business Correspondence


Unit overview  |  In this unit, students learn about the ways in which business writers create and maintain business relationships through communication. To do so, students respond to a case study. This year’s case study is called “Tech Works War.” Students use the case to learn how organizational patterns, tone, tact, word and stylistic choices shape business messages, especially in relation to audience, context, and purpose. The purpose of this unit includes the following:

  • To learn organizational patterns and elements that help writers accomplish their purpose
  • To write and design professional correspondence and business messages
  • To craft professional messages without relying on clichés or stilted language
  • To write with judgment, adopting the appropriate tone and making stylistic choices to establish the desired relationship with your audience

Chapter readings

  • Chapter 8: Understanding the Principles of Business Correspondence
  • Chapter 9: Writing Business Correspondence
  • Chapter 4: Revising the Draft (p. 105–107, 112–118)

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