U4: Team Project

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Unit overview  |   In teams, students compare and contrast the websites of two companies. Student teams write a report, in which they make a cohesive argument about how the companies respond to current trends/issues/problems, identifying verbal and visual arguments in the websites, and synthesizing and integrating multiple sources to discuss the context for these arguments. Students also orally present their findings to the class, making recommendations for how the companies might or might not make changes in their verbal/visual communication strategy. The goals of the team project include:

  • To identify and articulate how a company responds to the current context and audiences
  • To research current industry trends/issues/problems
  • To synthesize research sources into a cohesive argument
  • To create your own argument about how a company communicates through visual and verbal text
  • To incorporate visuals into text
  • To learn effective collaboration strategies
  • To learn effective presentation strategies


  • Proposal that outlines project and includes a team charter
  • Bibliography of current articles that address trends/issues/problems in the industry or with the company
  • Research report (includes 2 visuals)
  • Oral Presentation
  • Weekly agendas and meeting minutes
  • Work log of individual team member’s contributions and time spent on the project

Chapter readings

  • Chapter 5: Collaborative Writing
  • Chapter 14: Giving Presentations and Conducting Meetings (p. 517–527)
  • Chapter 13: Writing Proposals
  • Chapter 6: Researching your Subject (p. 179–213)
  • Chapter 11: Writing Formal Reports
  • Chapter 7: Designing Effective Documents and Visuals (review p. 218–229, read 230–265)
  • Chapter 14: Giving Presentations and Conducting Meetings (p. 494–516)

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