U4: Team Project

In teams, students summarize and synthesize key findings from the semester to develop a how-to guide on “How to Establish Credibility in the Workplace” for the class. This project synthesizes and extends your work throughout the semester, having these goals:

  • To learn effective collaboration strategies
  • To synthesize knowledge from your previous work into a coherent argument
  • To learn effective presentation strategies
  • To present information in multiple modes
  • To make an argument about how workplaces establish credibility given a specific audience and purpose

Deliverables via GoogleDrive

  • Proposal that defines your project 
  • Team charter, meeting agendas, and meeting minutes
  • Work log of individual team member’s contributions and time spent on the project
  • Multi-modal guide delivered via presentation software to the class

For the multi-modal guide, your team’s presentation must integrate the following modes:

  • Audio (music and/or voiceover)
  • Visual (graphs, images, and/or videos)
  • Text (script of all voiceover audio or handout summarizing key findings)

[pdf-embedder url=”http://advancedwriting.blogs.umassd.edu/files/2013/07/ENL_265_U4_2017.pdf”]

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